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Part 327: Duckgild

Time to conduct a pointless divination, since anyone with half a brain can see that it was that Urox guy from the Undaro-

The Hiordlings? Really? Well okay, if the ancestors say so.

The ancestors are idiots.

Oh look, here's our scheduled delivery of Vostang blood. We outnumber them despite the fact that they've had a chance to recover from our regular beatings, so this ought to be easy.

Oranda continues to impress.

But the Vostangi won by far more than they should have! They also freed the people we enthralled from their clan in a raid long ago.

A delegation of Beaker Ducks come to your clan hall demanding redress for the slayings of their kinsmen. 3 ducks were killed by nobles of your clan, or so they allege. They say that they are as Orlanthi as we, and demand compensation for these killings. They say that the slain were nobles, and deserving the full wergild of a warrior thane, 20 cows, paid in silver.

-Pay a carl's wergild for each dead duck.
-Pay a cottar's wergild for each dead duck.
-Pay a thane's wergild for each dead duck.
-Reject their claim.
-Demand tribute from them.
-Offer to pay in cattle.

They are protecting the interests of their clan, as any human thanes would do.
They are Orlanthi, but their versions of proper customs are very peculiar.
The ducks are no threat to us. On the other hand, their cousins, the beastfolk, could fall upon our tula and destroy us.
We have already done them harm. Do not threaten them further.
They want to be respected as proper Orlanthi, which means getting the full wergild we would pay for slain humans.
They ducks claim to be from a great, vanished Empire called Ganderland.
They seem oddly familiar with our ways.