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Part 328: Saraska Again

radintorov posted:

What about Blast Earth? Can't that thing target only clans instead of tribes?
Oh, it can. I was just saving it for a free turn in Earth or Sea season(which is hard when goons demand tons of diplomacy and trading, since those are the best seasons for it) to best ruin our enemy's crops.

Let's try for that trade route again.

Although you opposed it, people from your tribe have won the acceptance of other tribes for Saranska's new kingdom. Three kings swear allegiance to her, including your own king, the Colymar king, and Lhankpent, king of the Kheldon. Saraska accepts their pledges of fealty, and says that she is even now at work on her royal rites.

-Argue that she has not proven her leadership abilities.
-Demand that she prove her magic.
-Do nothing.
-Quietly prepare for war.
-Quit the tribe.

Leadership is about what you do, not about what you say. They do not want to hear us now, but when they are finished, they will be glad we spoke out. (Says the guy who pledged allegiance to Saranska for no good reason )
Our chosen leaders have decided to bow down to Saranska. There is nothing proper we can do to stop this.
Her magic may not be as strong as she says. But we will get a chance to see this during the royal rites, and should say nothing about this for now.
You're all just upset because it is a woman who will lead us.
Fedarkos plans treachery.
Let's quit the tribe. If bad things happen when Saranska takes the throne, they'll beg us to come back. If good things happen, we can beg to be let back in.
Saranska will lead us against the undead of the Upland Marsh.