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Part 329: Saraska's Rites

Sadly, there's no additional dialog in response to quietly preparing for war.

We have all the fortifications, so it's not like they're going to be worse than someone else's. Also, more wealth for us.

Now to make the Vostangi pay for freeing all our thralls.

We get the "a giant bird shadow! This girl is doomed!" event again, but I reassure everyone to make it go away.

Dark season comes, which means it's godbothering time. Morale improves the ability of our warriors. With this, we now know all of Humakt's blessings.

Meanwhile, vengeance is had against the Vostangi.

The time has come for Saraska to undergo the Crown Test. She has created a set of magical rites that combine the kingship rites from each tribe, including yours. It is a time of celebration, for this event will be remembered for all of history. There is also a sense of apprehension, for the Crown Test is sometimes dangerous, and even though the prophecies are said to foreordain her success, some can't help but worry about Saraska.

-Entertain influential thanes of other clans.
-Entertain members of your clan who have served its interests well.
-Lend your magic to aid Saraska.
-Sacrifice to the gods in honor of Saraska.
-Secretly use your magic to hinder Saraska.

We are already well respected in Dragon Pass, and can turn our thoughts to other matters.
We can sacrifice to the gods, gaining both the normal benefits of sacrifices, and the respect of our tribe-mates.
The warriors are in good spirits. They don't need encouragement to drink and celebrate.
When he took the throne, Good King Oskul said, "My Crown Test was hunting and killing Bad King Urgrain."
If we improve our relations with others, our trade opportunities will increase.
Let's turn our magic against her, and see if those prophecies are really true.
After she passes the Crown Test, Saraska will lead the new kingdom against the loathsome elves. (The worst part about having elves as our ancestral foe is that I can't tell if he's saying this because of that, or if he's an elf-hater because fixating on zombie-hate just wasn't enough for him.)