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Part 33: Clan Creation - Part 2

We've gone the unconventional route and decided to stand guard with the steadfast sun god, Elmal. This choice was to pick our clan's main god; we'll be expected to have a worshipper of Elmal as our clan leader, which will actually be pretty new to me. I'm usually boring and pick Orlanth as the main god.

Orlanth's struggle to remake the world was just beginning, and many other gods joined him in it. Orlanth undertook many wars of conquest. Other more peaceful deeds were just as important.

Our earliest Famous Event was :

-The Battle of Extinguish Field, when Orlanth's forces defeated those of his worst enemy, Yelm the Bright Emperor.
-The Hundred-Day Hunt, when Orlanth's brother Odayla tracked the Sky Bear.
-Jested's Settlement, when Issaries the Talking God outwitted foreign deities in a difficult negotiation.
-The Procession of Animals, when Uralda, the Cow Mother led the sacred herds into Orlanth's stead.
-When Barntar, son of Orlanth and Ernalda, harnessed oxen to plow.
-When Ernalda and her daughters went to the Hidden Place, and then came back with many secrets.
-When Lhankor Mhy , the Knowing God learned how to use the marking bone, which could mark signs of power upon anything.
-When Pella, the pottery goddess, made the first pot to store grain in.
-When Roitana, lady of dance, performed the Clan-making Dance.