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Part 330: Saraska Fallen 1

There were a lot of ambiguous "party! " votes, so I assumed they were "clan party" votes unless you cared enough to specify partying with other clans.

Anyway, there's a Queen of Dragon Pass, and it's not us, so I guess the game is over and

Saraska strides out into the middle of the ritual ground and begins the Crown Test. The sunny skies are replaced by clouds, which is seen as a good omen. But as she calls on Orlanth, Ernalda, and Lhankor Mhy to bless her new kingdom, she is struck down by a thunderbolt. A Chalana Arroy priestess rushes to her side, and pronounces her dead. Before anyone else can react, a surprised Fedarkos, king of the Colymar tribe, hauls himself up on his horse and declares himself ruler of this new kingdom. "The kingdom is mine, and anyone who says otherwise will die!"

-Call for peace.
-Fight against Fedarkos.
-Fight for Fedarkos.
-Get your people out of the area.
-Stand your ground, fight only those who attack you.

Fight this pretender!
Fedarkos flouts the law!
We must support the right side! (Harvar does not consider Fedarkos to be on the right side.)
We must not be seen to flee!
I'll go along with the ring's decision. (I'm disappointed there was no "I TOLD you he was planning treachery!" response here.)
Fedarkos has proven he can be trusted.
No violence!