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Part 331: Saraska Fallen 2

-Hell yes

We lost two weaponthanes. Whoop-de-doo.

I'm running out of mysteries to sacrifice for, but Urox's final blessing is a useful one. Sense Chaos does exactly what it says on the tin.

Two clans of your tribe bring a case before the king for adjudication, in hopes of avoiding an expensive case before a full tribal moot. Enjossi, chief of the Squat Oak clan, accuses the Wildcat chief, Umathkar, of stealing weaponthanes away from his clan. He recruited five worthy Man-Troll fighters from the Holy Country to join his clan, giving them many fine gifts. But after a feast held by Umathkar, they deserted the Squat Oaks for the Wildcats. Enjossi demands compensation equal to twice the value of the gifts he gave to the weaponthanes.

I do questioning and divination right away since I know you guys will ask for it anyway. Both point to Umathkar being in the wrong, so let's get on with it already.

Clan chiefs may be either men or women.

I said, let's get on with it already. (Yes, Tarkala really said that.)

This netted us 20 goods. Small change by now, but we'll take it.

With Dark season past us, the wheel of diplomacy starts turning again. I decide to smooth over any hard feelings the Wildcats might have about our recent ruling.

Remember those two? Their dispute was nowhere near as annoying as the horse dispute, so I don't blame you if you don't recognize them.

Looks like the Wildcats weren't too upset.

Ahahaha, they only have three weaponthanes. I spent a point of magic anyway, in case they try an ass-pull win like the Vostangi did in Fire season.

A reminder that the ladies of the clan fight just as fiercely as the men.

We'll get thralls someday.

Ashart gets to explore Tarsh, since Bargaining skill is important in making the Tarsh events turn out well.

Harvar and Loricon must both be pleased by this news.

We continue to produce entirely too many babies while initiating entirely too few children. At least we have the food production to handle it.

And now we get to the reason why I've been holding off on learning Uralda's second & final blessing. I've seen this omen pop up when I know both her blessings, which pretty much fucks you over.

What are our goals for this year? Also pick a heroquest for us to do. (A * indicates we've done the quest since forming a tribe)

Humakt The Champion. Possible rewards include strengthening the quester, defending against undead, reconciling the weaponthanes, obtaining a treasure, and bestowing Humakt's blessing upon our battles.

Chalana Arroy Heals the Scars*. Possible rewards include healing the sick/wounded, mending a rift in the clan, making peace with a neighbor, making the quester wiser, or making our wounds heal faster in the future.

Elmal Guards the Stead*. Possible rewards include strengthening our defenses, gaining fine horses, strengthening our leaders or the quester, warding against chaos, or reconciling the weaponthanes.

The Making of the Storm Tribe*. Possible rewards include improving the tribe's mood, regaining the king's favor, reconciling our tribe with another clan, gaining tribal regalia, making our clan king-makers, improving our reputation or political abilities, and making the quester a strong leader.

Orlanth and Aroka*. Possible rewards include bringing rain, strengthening our clan or the quester, making dragonewts fear us, or bringing back a treasure. We already got Splendorbread and the Klanth from this.

Ernalda Feeds The Tribe. Rewards include bringing back a (useless) treasure, increasing crop yield, making peace with the elves, making our cows healthy, reconciling the farmers, and strengthening the quester.

Lhankor Mhy Finds The Truth. Rewards include learning new myths, making our quester or the leaders wise, fighting darkness(whatever the hell that means), defending against chaos, and "learning more about dragon pass"(revealing more of the map, in reality).

Issaries the Conciliator. Rewards include "learning more about dragon pass"(revealing more of the map, in reality), learning the secrets of a myth, making the quester stronger, improving relations with a cult/another clan/outsiders, improving trade relations, and ending a feud.

Uralda's Blessing. Rewards include making our cows more valuable or healthier, gaining a herd of cows, gaining a (useless) magical cow, increasing the cow knowledge of our people or the quester, protecting our cows from bad fortune, gaining dominion over bulls and bull-headed people, and being a highly efficient way to send female nobles off to their death.

Young Nobles+People we've expressed an interest in improving: