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Part 332: Thadart the Bachelor

It looks like we're doing Enerin the Concilator this year.

Our bros up in Tarsh are doing just fine. We continue to be on good terms with them, which is good since they can drop hills on the people they don't like.

Enerin got older on us, but at least she's aging gracefully. I'll be sending her out on diplomatic & trade missions throughout the year in hopes of getting some Bargaining boosts before heroquest time.

Odayla guys show up to improve our hunting yield, I give them 20 goods for it because why not. Vandarl commented that he had nothing to add and maybe we should have someone smarter than him on the ring. Fucking smartass.

After that, I decide to get that omen out of the way, and...

Oh good, we learned the secrets of the female noble killing machine. This isn't a blessing, so I'm going to have to sacrifice again to make sure the omen doesn't murder our cows or something.

Thadart, the warrior of your clan whose visage was made monstrous by the alien god of the Tusk Riders, comes before the clan ring with a request. "My parents have tried to find a bride for me, but have been rebuffed at every turn, even by our closest allies. I understand that it is difficult for a woman to marry a man with a face like mine. I do not expect a beautiful bride, or a clever one, or even a kindly one. But I do need a bride, so that I may carry on the sacred line of my ancestors. I implore you to intervene in this matter, and find me a mate."

-"If you keep bothering us, we will outlaw you."
-"If your parents will not perform this duty, it is not a matter for the ring."
-Promise to find him a bride.
-Try to find him a bride, but promise nothing.
-"You cannot expect to marry, looking as you do."

It is possible that we will offend our allies by asking them for a bride for a fellow so hideous.
Although it is up to his parents to pick a bride, clan leaders may step in when a deserving person finds it difficult to find a mate.
Though once feared and mistrusted, Thedart is now popular with the people. They will be unhappy if we do not help him.
Better not to promise, unless we are sure of success.
It will be hard to find a bride for him, but I am nonetheless certain that I can do it.
The people will be heartened if we promise to find him a bride, no matter what.
Marriage negotiations are also a good time to extract pledges from our allies to launch a sustained campaign against the undead.