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Part 334: Dwarf Thralls

Holy shit, that cigar smoking duck. Good to see that the trend of That Fucking Duck continues even outside of KODP's art.

Just what our crusty old lawspeakers need: lotion!

The game's description of this makes it sound much more useful than mere lawspeaker forehead lotion. It says that it "turns the clan ring's practice of the law into magic for our herds." Herd magic is always a good thing.

Now to bash some Blue Jay's faces in.

Penterest is much more helpful than Jarolor is. So is outnumbering our foes that much, but :shh:. I enthrall the captives because we're currently sitting at zero thralls, and that's just shameful.

The tribal mood started off happy, went down to optimistic after Saraska exploded, and is now contented. I'm not sure whether contented is better or worse than optimistic, since I can't seem to find a ranking of tribal moods anywhere. If nothing else, at least our tribe isn't in a bad mood.

Cow disaster has been averted. Until you guys get the bright idea to murder one of our nobles on Uralda's heroquest, anyway.

Let's hope Vandarl doesn't get any bright ideas from this.

Tana and her assistant Randalyar, of the Hiordlings, comes to offer you thralls. "These are dwarfs, who come from the underground tula Dwarf Mine. They behaved improperly towards us, so we took them as thralls. They are hard workers, and do not complain. We need horses, and so will reluctantly part with this pair of dwarfs for a quartet of stallions."

-Agree to the price; free the dwarfs.
-Agree to the price; use them as thralls.
-Decline their offer.
-Offer them two stallions instead of four.
-Speak out against the taking of thralls.

Note: We have a metric shitton of horses.

The Hiordlings have taken thralls since the beginning of time. In doing so, they honor their ancestors.
It will be hard to bargain them down. (Brandgor does think we should buy the dwarfs anyway. Apparently, freeing them after buying them doesn't run contrary to tradition, since that's one of his suggested options alongside buying them for use as thralls.)
There is good reason to seek the favor of the dwarfs. They fight without fear, and deploy bizarre and powerful weapons against their enemies.
Everything dies, except your reputation.
(still injured, even at this time when we could use advice on how many horses a pair of dwarf-thralls are worth)
The dwarfs worship a dead god named Mostal. They try to confuse people by saying Mostal is not a god at all, but an idea called The World Machine.
Free the dwarfs, so they can go make war on their foes, the elves. (I'm starting to think that Chalana Arroy worshippers are the best possible people to get irrational hatred for elves/zombies. Peace and love for all things...except those things.)