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Part 34: Clan Creation - Part 3

It was looking like a close call for a while, but we finally decided to go with Jested's Settlement. This means the nobles of our clan will be better at Bargaining. Not every clan-making decision has exciting consequences. And since someone was wondering, I do have the version with the sheep glitch fixed - early versions of KODP had a bug where you could easily run out of sheep, which is bad for reasons I'll explain once we're past the clan creation choices.

Orlanth succeeded in remaking the world, and thus began the golden era called the Storm Age. Orlanth's son, Vingkot was a famous warlord during this time. Most of the people in the area were among his followers. Many people who would not have survived joined his tribes. He was a great organizer and helped the many scattered people form into new clans and tribes. Your clan was one of those aided by King Vingkot. After you proved yourself robust and capable of survival, Vingkot placed a remnant people under your protection. They were the Nalda Bin, or "Stick Farmers." You had a choice whether to make them into thralls (slaves) or adopt them as members of your clan.

How did we add these strangers?

-Adopted family