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Part 345: Issaries the Conciliator 10

The Tiger's Eye Necklace "helps us track things down and find them."

The people celebrate Enerin's successful enactment of the Issaries the Conciliator myth. Everyone said that Enerin seemed more confident, with an air of wisdom about her.

Enerin hasn't surpassed the other Issaries worshippers in Bargaining yet, but that's easy to fix with some trading/diplomacy missions.

Now let's see what's in this unexplored patch of land.

Blue Jays. I kill as many as possible, since if they're going to be our new raiding target, we want them as weak as possible.

While on this screen, I noticed that Loricon has Very Good combat. I think he missed a few memos on what his goddess is about. Also, Loricon nearly gets his ass killed, but he's not actually dead, which is good enough for me.

Look at all that carnage. We killed or wounded every single Blue Jay attacker.

I top the year off with a bit of diplomacy with a clan that dislikes us.

Goddamn that's a lot of initiated adults.

Harvar and Loricon conveniently healed themselves in time for Sacred Time, and we get that vague bells/swords omen again.

What are our goals for this year?