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Part 346: Shady Treasure

The biggest goon order of the day was exploration. You guys were surprisingly non-bloodthirsty this time - I guess the Blue Jays just don't inspire as much vitriol as the Vostangi did.

An event pops up, which reveals a big surprise!

The surprise being that Jarolor is hideous now!

Anyway, this is just the "your exploration party discovers members of your clan entrhalled by Horse-Spawn" event again. Let's go rescue some dudes.

You know, is it just me, or is there something missing from these screenshots?

I send the same number of people I did last time. It doesn't turn out as well as before. Good thing I didn't send Penterest!

People continue to appreciate us showering them with free stuff.

Oh, that's what was missing! Vaga42Bond was not the only one surprised at how old Harvar got before kicking the bucket, it seems. Hopefully we can honor Harvar's memory by continuing to kick people's asses.

Oranda gets plopped onto the ring in his stead. We've got our bases covered for all the noble stats, and pretty much everyone else worth considering would be a duplicate god for an even better person already on the ring, so that's that. Besides, maybe now the First Arrow won't be completely useless.

Speaking of treasure, let's see if we can get another one!

A husband and wife from another clan come to offer us a treasure they say they found while exploring out in the woods. The treasure is a basket of Esra, which would help our barley crop. They want good worth forty cows in exchange for the treasure.

-Decline their offer.
-Pay them what they ask.
-Take the treasure from them.
-Threaten them into revealing who they stole the treasure from.
-Try to haggle their price down.

We can easily take them. A chipmunk could easily take them. (That means "take the treasure from them", not "threaten them into telling who they stole it from")
We must find who they stole the treasure from, and return it to them.
We can easily take them.
This is a useful magical treasure.
The price they ask is fair, but I sense that they wish to quickly dispose of their goods. They will settle for less.
It's stolen, which means we can steal it from them.
This is a useful magical treasure. They are not uncommon, as such things go.