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Part 347: Non-Shady Treasure

SlothfulCobra posted:

How does Varmand stack up against Oranda, anyways? It looks like he's a bit better at fighting, even if he's closer to kicking the bucket.
Varmand is a better fighter than Oranda, but has the small problem of being enthralled by Horse-Spawn at present.

If only we still had Harvar here to glare at people.

I decided to wait until Enerin came back with our weaponthanes to do any raiding, and catch this delightful bit of mythically-motivated rivalry while deciding what to do.

Anyway, I sacrifice to see what our greatest threat is, since I rarely do that. Apparently our biggest threat is werewolves. Why them, and not Chaos/the undead/Prax/an actual clan? Hell if I know.

The Orlmarth are willing to offer us Quivin's Torc, which is "a flowing gold torc that grants certain clan members great insights." I love vague treasures, don't you?

-Buy it! (Specify how much or I'm just going to chuck 60 goods at them)
-Don't buy it!