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Part 348: Blue Jay Trouble

The Saurus posted:

How old did Harvar manage to make it to anyway? Kindof funny that the devotee of the death god and the guy who did all the fighting lasted longer than any of the other original ring members.
He would have been 69 this year. Pretty damned old for any noble, let alone a combat-heavy one. Although you seem to be forgetting that Jarolor's been on the ring this entire time. Sure, he died once, but he got better!

Anyway, I paid 60 goods for the torc. We may not be entirely sure what it does, but it's ours now!

Now let's smash some Blue Jays!

Harvar may be gone, but we can kick ass anyway.

Oh, look who came to visit!

If they're not willing to accept maximum annual tribute, then they're clearly not that desperate for us to stop killing and looting them.

It's a pity there's not a faster way to deal with all the distant clans whose attitudes slowly decayed towards displeasure, but at least we can match their numbers when they decide to raid us.

That doesn't mean that we can win, mind you. Although it seems they were just really desperate to get some horses.

I've gone entire games without seeing the "a stegosaurus bumbles onto your tula" event, and we get it twice! Lucky us! And Loricon is just precious.

Anyway, I have our warriors gently herd it away, and...

Alright, fine then. I use magic to get rid of it, and...

I have our warriors fight the damned thing, and...

Stupid stegosaurus.

Time for more diplomacy!

Nobles from the Blue Jay clan come in their formal finery to tell you that they intend to kill as many of you as they can. "Because we have told you this, it won't be secret murder, which is a crime. We will kill you legally, which you deserve because you have offended us in countless ways. No longer can we allow your transgressions and insults against us to go unanswered. We will answer them with blood."

-Apologize for past wrongs.
-Compose a poem portraying them as cruel villains.
-Compose a poem portraying them as fools.
-Compose a poem praising their honor.
-Do nothing, for now.
-Offer them gifts.

Sadly, just killing the fuckers is not an option.

The people are worried, though they need not be: We are stronger than the Blue Jays. (He supports a poem portraying the Blue Jays as fools)
It is easier to compose a hateful poem than an amusing one. Harder still to turn hard hearts soft.
Odayla prefers to grapple with the bear he sees, than to hunt a wolf hiding in the underbrush.
If they feud with us, we will lose a few cows. If we make peace with them, we will lose many cows. (Despite what you might think, she's actually supporting all the peace-forging options.)
For every twenty-five cows we give them, a past wrong will be forgotten.
They are so pretentious; it will be easy to humiliate them.
A well-phrased poem could rally our people, gain support from other clans, or turn hate to love.