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Part 349: Thadart's Son

Veloxyll posted:

So what form of poetry should we be using from our history to mimic the style of Orthali poets?
Even though it makes
Absolutely no sense, they
Make poems haiku

...okay, I have no idea either. Onward with the update!

Who knew that lawbeards had a sense of humor? Also, the Blue Jays are now officialy feuding with us. Took them long enough.

In other news, Loricon is the third best at combat in our clan. I wonder what would happen if he somehow become good enough to be warleader(and if we kicked the war god worshippers off the ring, since they like to steal warleader positions)? Maybe if we told him that the people we were feuding with were all zombies...

The real reason I was looking at the nobles was to see if someone popped up to replace Harvar.

Someone did! It's another goddamned Barntar worshipper. Why do we have four of these and no spare Lhankor Mhy people, or Vingans, or Uroxi, or anything more interesting than Barntarites?

Anyway, let's explore this mysterious place to the south. One of our Barntar nobles happens to be best at combat out of all the people not currently on the ring, so he gets to go! Lucky him!

Thadart and his bride, Kistrald, have had a son. They have named him Palagor. Although Thadart's pride in his child is great, some of his relatives, and other members of the clan, are gravely concerned. The boy shares Thadart's Tusk Rider features. It was hoped that Thadart's curse would not be hereditary, but indeed it is.

-Outlaw Thadart, Kistrald, and their son.
-Do nothing.
-Forbid Thadart to father any more children.
-Quell the people's fears.
-Conduct a ritual to protect Thadart's future children from the curse.
-Demand that the people treat them with respect.

I would hate to lose a carl who fights as well as Thadart.
It is somewhat beyond our legal powers, but we could try to forbid him to father any more children.
The people are afraid. We should quell their fears.
"Make boots for none but yourself, or you'll be kicked when you make a bad one."
Some peoples of Glorantha have suffered curses that have lasted hundreds of years. The trolls, who are cursed to bear only stunted children, come to mind. (Fun fact: I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've seen Glorantha named in-game. I guess it makes sense since KODP takes place on such a small scale compared to Glorantha at large, but it's still amusing that the game makes it hard to find out what its world is called if you rely on in-game info alone.)
None of the choices are costly, so I have no objection to any of them.
Although I find it hard to think of a mythic event we could ritually reenact in order to lift the curse, our magic is strong.