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Part 35: Clan Creation - Part 4

We're currently tied, but I've taken the liberty of moving things along by casting the tie-breaking vote for thralls. We'll be expected to take strangers & war captives as slaves, and will often get magic for doing so. This also opens up the option of human sacrifice to the gods(only thralls can be offered as such). Thralls will do almost as much work as a freeman, while consuming half as much food. However, the children of thralls are born free, so our number of thralls will dwindle over time if we do nothing to capture more.

The foes of the Vingkotlings were many, and our people fought hard against them.

Which one in particular did we fight?

-Boztakang, the Troll Lord
-Ukka Gra, King of the Basmoli Beastmen
-Chinkis Mor, the Elf Warlord
-Tada the Green, champion of the flat land called Prax
-Faralinthor, Salty Lord of the Sea
-Ves Venna, Son of Valind, Warlord of the Ice Tribe