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Part 353: Spirit

There was a tie between Loricon Finds The Truth and Penterest the Champion, but Loricon had many more votes for him to do any quest, so he gets to quest this year! I also skimped on some of the less vital magic categories since we don't want a tiny magic reserve come quest time.

And now to send a Barntarite off to his doom in Snakepipe Hollow. (No, I'm not going to send the bare minimum with our expendable Barntarites). That's a good way to ensure your noble merely comes back injured after getting beaten by bandits, instead of dying at their destination like you want them to. Of course, I'm not sending a proper exploration party either, since that will just make him successful.)

Enent, one of the most promising young god-talkers of Ernalda in your clan, has been neglecting her duties as of late. She often disappears for hours at a time. Her uncle follows her one day, and discovers she's been going into the forest to talk and laugh with a spirit. When word of her activies spreads, some of the people are concerned.

-Convince the people there is no harm in it.
-Forbid her to visit the spirit.
-Sacrifice to the spirit.
-Send for shamans to capture the spirit.
-Send for shamans to drive off the spirit.

You can never be too sure when spirits are concerned.
You can't trust spirits; they are outside Heort's Laws.
The world is full of spirits. Some are good; others are bad. Most of them have their own selfish goals, just like people.
Sacrifice to the spirit, and it will give us a gift.
It will cost more to capture the spirit, but a captured spirit is a kind of treasure.
The spirit is harmful, but I can convince the people otherwise, if you want.
The spirit will do us no harm.