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Part 355: Wildcat Proposal

We got two points of magic for this, along with the satisfation of having more than zero thralls. Sadly, the Woodpeckers are in the Culbrea tribe, so we can't raid the shit out of them thanks to that peace agreement. Why the hell did we sign up for that, again? That tribe only seems to contain clans we don't like(aside from the Wolves).

So I vent by beating up the Blue Jays instead. I do hope they like our new battle standard.

Figures that I go on about how the weaponthanes will typically have no problem carrying the banner when they feel unshakable(which they do; I checked!), and then they refuse to carry it. I'm not entirely comfortable with the fact that Penterest is the only noble showing up here...

But fortunately, we do get a choice, and the choice is fairly clear. Jarolor has numerous replacements waiting in the wing, he really hasn't shown much personality despite being on the ring forever, he's old, and he looks ugly now. Best that he go out in glorious combat instead of just dying in his sleep one Sea season. Besides, he's died once before, so he can obviously do it again!

We have made a great many deaths today.

We were also awesome enough to get captives despite not having them as a goal. I keep them as thralls, since the Blue Jays so helpfully liberated all our other thalls last time.

But this doesn't answer an important question: Did the expendable Barntarite I sent die?

Nope! He's not even injured! This disappointment is offset by the fact that the third best Combat noble in the clan is Loricon.

While I'm there, I plop Enerin on the ring. It took us decades, but our ring is finally as close to gender equality as a 7-person group can get. Maybe now Tarkala will stop whining about how we need more women ringmembers to assure clan fertility.

Broyan, a prosperous herdman of the Wildcat clan, appears before you bearing an offer of alliance from his clan leaders. He bears gifts for you. "Our two clans have similar interests," Broyan says, "and should band together to face the many threats that beset us in this unyielding land. We can share information about the other chiefs, and deal with them profitably. What do you say?"

-Agree to an alliance.
-Decline his offer.
-"If we agreed, we would have too many allies to please."
-See if you can get more gifts out of him.
-Send him packing.

Their fyrd is not as big as ours. It is we who would help them on the field of battle, not the other way around.
The Wildcat chieftain is known to be honest and plain-spoken. The people will be disappointed if we send her emissary packing.
It is excellent to have allies, and bad to have feuds.
They have large herds, and will be able to help us when our herds get thin.
We are more prosperous than they; they're just looking for a handout.
The more the merrier!
They have more silver in that chest of theirs.