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Part 356: Loricon Finds the Truth

Some of you seem to have realized that I am the chaos cultist, but it is too late to stop me now. Also we have new allies. Horray!

I'm honestly struggling to imagine who the goonring would have killed off instead of Jarolor. Brandgor? He'd be more of a pain to replace though, since we have no backup Lhankor Mhy guys and the only god we have that's not currently on the ring is Barntar.

Speaking of our worthless and interchangable Barntarites, let's send one out to see what that swamp is like. I hear it's just lovely in Earth season.

Oranda was one of the two nobles who originally came from that one clan who was trying to settle on our land, if you recall. It's blatantly obvious here, since she clearly doesn't entirely get what being a Stormrider is about.

I wither their sword-arms since maybe that will remove the bullshit RNG factor that keeps making us lose against them with superior numbers.

And now it's time for Loricon to find the truth!

Loricon finally gets the biggest heroquest benefit of all: being taller.

This will clearly never come back to haunt us in any way.

Our expendable Barntarite still isn't dead, but we get a reminder that it was a very good idea to make friends with the ducks. Although who knows what would have happened if the wasp people were next door instead.

Loricon's Bargaining, Leadership, Custom, and Magic have all visibly gone up, although this quest actually boosts a ton of stats by a small amount. Loricon was already a jack of all trades, so this just makes him even better.

Now let's party!

Goddamn, Tarkala.

Also, I give fake/zombie Jarolor what he wants, since we have roughly 5 million bushels of food laying around and he's actually asking for less than custom demands.

Now let's see about getting some more treasure. Our treasure pile is large, but not large enough!

Nobody was initiated as an adult this year? Really?

We're tantalizingly close to unlocking the endgame, but we'll have to wait a year to heroquest again.

What are our goals for this year, other than propitiating dread Arengee before our raids?