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Part 357: Horse Feud Returns

Those depictions of Dread Arengee are glorious.

Happy Blue posted:

Send Enerin off to bargain for treasure as often as possible, preferably using portions of our gigantic horse herd instead of cows, if it won't hurt her chances of success. We want her to hit Heroic Bargaining for the endgame.
The bad news is that you can't buy treasures with horses. The good news is that we can shove goods in their faces instead, which makes more sense because cows produce more cows but stockpiled goods won't produce more goods. The horses can be spent on diplomacy gifts, anyway.

Will this be the year I can kill off useless Barntarites with exploration parties? Only time will tell.

I don't think the goon vote has ever turned down buying a treasure, so let's get on with it already. This is another vague "certain clan members" treasure, but to me it sounds like it probably boosts Lhankor Mhy devotees. Or at least whoever your lawspeaker is at the time.

I like the thought process the Rakstanti put into their new chief. "Well, the old guy died via snake, so the new guy should be terrified of them so that he never gets near any!"

Another new noble has appeared! His stats suck(other than bargaining, which our Issarites are all better at) and he's never going to do anything since we have Penterest around, so he gets to languish in obscurity.

Diplomacy time!

And Enerin gets to set up another trade route, because we obviously need more goods.

In other news, everybody's favorite event chain is back!

Robarth, a member of one of your most prosperous families of carls, is attacked by two brothers from the Wolf clan. His mother, Dorasa Glendarasdaughter, looks on helplessly as they skirmish. Robarth is wounded, but manages to slay one of the brothers, Burthalor. This fight is a deadly reiteration of one that occured about ten years ago, when all three combatants were children. It grows from a long-running feud between the two families, which started when Burthalor's grandmother stole a fine stallion from Robarth's.

-Convince Burthalor's family to renounce further vengeance.
-Convince Robarth and his family to renounce further vengeance.
-Outlaw Robarth, Dorasa, and all of their family members.
-Seek aid of Wolf leaders in ending the feud.
-"This is not a matter for the clan."

Private feuds have a way of becoming clan feuds, just as water has a way of bubbling when placed over a fire.
If we wish to give gifts to Burthalor's family, these should not exceed a fair wergild for his death - that is, ten cows.
We should make certain that this does not damage our relations with the Wolf clan.
It is proper to pursue vengeance. We should interfere with neither family's right to do so.
(is out trading)
This is my fault. I should have done something to prevent it.
Promises made now will not be considered binding later. (That means "meh, not our problem")