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Part 359: Crazy Wine 1

Loricon the Champion it is! You know, it's rather fitting for this clan that our favorite noble went from an ass-kicking Humakti to a worshipper of the wussy sissy pacifist healer goddess people generally don't like (mostly because said worshipper is anything but a wussy sissy pacifist, but still).

Tarkala decided to get a haircut on us. I'm showing this screen for more reasons than that, though - I bumped up the wheat amount so that our food surplus gets even more ridiculous. More importantly, our sheep population is officially shrinking - at this time last year, we had over 2020 sheep. It's not shrinking very fast, obviously, but it's definitely a deterrant to us building any more temples.

On top of that, you can see that our pastureland has shrunk from ~200 hides to what you see here. I'm pretty sure the reason we've been having so much trouble pissing off the elves is that we simply have too much land for most of it to stay deforested.

Treasure time! The Kardarvi are ridiculously far away, so Enerin doesn't get to go since I don't want her gone half the year.

There is something wrong with a shipment of wine you got in trade from the Anmangarni. It has driven some of the people who drank it into a frenzy. They've trampled the crops, and some of them have wounded others in their feverish state. Some say that bad spirits were seen hovering over those affected by this madness.

-Demand compensation from the Anmangarni.
-Pour out the remaining crazy wine.
-Sacrifice to gods for protection from bad spirits.
-Send for shamans to exorcise bad spirits.
-Use trickster magic to send the spirits elsewhere.

The Anmangarni are no fighters.
Our damages equal 20 cows.
Bad King Urgrain deliberately provoked the spirits of his ancestors, to prove he was a king among kings. He came to regret this. (This means any of the options that involve getting rid of the spirits)
Forget compensation. We must do something about this spirit infestation.
I can find us a shaman.
I can send the spirits elsewhere.
Our own magic is strong. We should sacrifice to the gods - but not Eurmal, who never solves a problem without causing more trouble.