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Part 360: Crazy Wine 2

This used up two points of precious magic and didn't let us specify a target. Hope it was worth it!

This, on the other hand, will definitely be worth it.

I love a happy ending, don't you?

I wouldn't mind these bandit events so much if they could kill the worthless nobles I sent to explore.

Another fucking "certain clan members" treasure?

We must have it.

Fine, be that way.

It's Blue Jay pounding time again, and I try something a little different. Perhaps if we wreck their fortifications, they will find it harder to resist us in the future.

Or we can just lose again. That works too. What the hell are the Blue Jays feeding their warriors, Humakt Bran? Elmal Flakes? Urox-O's?

Priests from a number of nearby clans lodge a legal claim against you. "You have injured us greatly. You sacrificed to the trickster to avoid a curse, and he merely moved the curse to us, who did not deserve it. We demand you renounce your perfidious ways."

-Compensate your neighbors for the harm done to them.
-Give them wealth to sacrifice to the proper gods.
-Hold a feast for the priests.
-Promise not to do it again.
-Refuse their claim.
-Let the tribal moot pass judgment.

A small amount of compensation will assauge their angry feelings. (That means "give them stuff as compensation")
Precendents establish the amount of compensation owed in cases like this. But they are angry, and may demand more than is their due. (That means "give them stuff to sacrifice or take the case to the moot")
They'll never help us build a temple now.
I'm not sure about this.
I can talk them into taking compensation, especially payment in the form of a sacrifice.
There is no conflict between neighbors which cannot be resolved with a good feast.
Apparitions have been seen rising out of the marsh.