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Part 361: Loricon The Champion

^^^I've learned a new thing about treasure buying today!

I have no idea how much we owe them, since Brandgor didn't give us a number for once, so I highball them to make them go away.

The Blue Jays don't like us, and water is wet.

Excellent, we got an excuse to smash the Woodpeckers for their thievery. And we're just doing our part to help our allies, so we're obviously not the bad guys here.

We're obviously not up to the task of raiding the Blue Jays like adults, so we'll do a teenage hijinx cattle raid instead.

And when that fails, we can run away like small children!

Shit, maybe I should be doing the evade/survival thing for real raids.

Not for defensive raids, of course. In those cases it's our duty to kill as many Blue Jays as possible to water our crops.

As I said...

Perhaps a hand-delivered Barntarite will make the dwarfs like us more.

Once upon a time, these guys came to us babbling about their rock, and we convinced them it was wrong. Let us do that again.

But I did a divination first, just in case. Although now I'm wondering if the person accused in this event is ever guilty.

For some mysterious reason, the Tracking blessing is active. I did not sacrifice for it at any point, and we do not have a shrine to Odayla. I'm not going to question a free blessing any further, especially not one that helps us find stuff. I do question why it's on the Trade screen, instead of on the Clan screen along with all of the other miscellaneous blessings. Maybe the blessing helps us find good deals?

Oh well. Time for more gift baskets.

At this rate this guy will be legendary at combat just because he keeps slipping away from death so often.

And now it's time for the worst/best idea in the history of our clan.

But something dawns on me, and as I look back over the votes, I realize that we didn't really have any clear goal in mind - there were only a few votes that mentioned a goal, and they were scattered around many goals. So let's pick one now instead of having people yell at me for picking one myself.

-Humakt's raid blessing!
-Strenghten Loricon!
-One of the remaining options from the screenshot, which I'm assuming nobody will pick, but maybe you'll surprise me.