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Part 362: Pharaoh's Agents 1

Strengthening Loricon is in the lead! I'm going to seize the chance now so that we're not debating our quest goal for the rest of November!

I'm pretty sure that Loricon is now the most efficient killer among all the Chalana Arroyians of the pass. Sadly, the only stat that got a visible rank up was Combat.

Now to throw more shiny things at other clans so they like us.

Southerners come to your tula lookng for the present location of the Orladnast clan. They say they're agents of the Pharaoh, the tyrannical ruler your people fled when you came to this land. They appear to be sorcerers; at the very least, those strange implements they carry are probably magical weapons. The implements emit a low thrumming sound, the likes of which you've never heard.

-"Die now, sorcerous scum!"
-"The Orladnasti are our neighbors."
-"The Orladnasti are up in Tarsh."
-"We have heard of no Orladnasti."
-"Why do you seek the Orladnasti?"

They would not swagger in here so confidently if they had not the power to back up their bravado.
The Orladnasti are the Stormriders now. These dogs must not get home alive. (I was thinking that the Orladnasti were no clan we'd heard of, but Brandgor is right. They're the clan who merged with us way back when.)
These hounds of the Pharaoh are searching for our new clansmen! (Incidentally, if you clicked on the image I just linked, you'll notice that Oranda was one of the Orladnasti. Didn't take her long to forget her roots, eh?)
I've never heard of the Orladnasti.
They are rigidly devoted to their mission. No conciliation is possible here.
I don't know.
They are sorcerers. They use a type of magic that all good Orlanthi abhor. Our magic is strong, so we must fight them.