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Part 364: Jaldon Goldentooth

Hopefully the endgame starts up now that we've done 7 heroquests. If it doesn't, we'll just keep doing heroquests until it does!

Ashart reaches the Woodpecker tula, but the treasure they offer is obviously not the shield we sold to them way back when. The one they're offering instead is semi-useless, since we're not exactly having problems getting the gods to hear our sacrifices.

We still want the enriched uranium off our tula ASAP, so I trade them away anyway. Despite some people's fears, the Woodpeckers take our doomsticks without complaint.

Whoops, looks like it's new lawspeaker time! Except we haven't had any new Lhankor Mhy devotees pop up since forever, so...

...Loricon is now best at custom in the clan. All of our core noble compentencies are covered on the current ring, too. In other words, we basically have a free spot! There are no nobles of interesting gods laying around, so I go for the second best option.

Barngradus gets plopped back on the ring. Perhaps we can kill him with the raven banner and get his ugly mug out of our clan! Then we can continue to purge the Barntarites until someone more interesting spawns.

After that, I Blast Earth the Blue Jays again. If we can't beat them in a fair fight, we can beat them after they starve to death!

I am highly disappointed that Loricon had nothing special to say about this.

Also, we had this event before, so I send some of our warriors with them just like we did last time.

Now we can recruit more!

You'd think they'd start to notice a pattern, but they're obviously not that bright.

Excellent, an opportunity to start the Barntarite slaughtering operation.

Or it would have been, if our chucklefuck weaponthanes hadn't gone "okay, now we'll carry the banner for you!". I guess they saw our losing streak and realized they were kind of fucked either way.

I don't know why these guys are raiding us, but maybe this time Barngradus can die!

Good night, ugly prince.

Damn. It's a good thing I used the banner, because I'm pretty sure that's the only reason we won.

Replacing Barngradus can wait until we have more than 11 healthy weaponthanes.

In other news, we're possibly doomed!

A warrior from the Tree Brothers comes to report that a terrible force of Praxian raiders is cutting a swath through the clans to the south. The raiders are led by Jaldon Goldentooth, a legendary hero who some say is a personification of death itself. Goldentooth's raiders have devistated the clans they've ridden through - and they're coming this way.

-Offer tribute to Goldentooth if he will bypass your tula.
-Sacrifice to the gods so that Goldentooth will attack elsewhere.
-Send a force to fight Goldentooth before he arrives.
-Send noncombatants to a distant clan.
-Set traps throughout the tula to thwart Goldentooth's invasion.

Our time is best used to lay traps, and prepare for the most terrible battle we have ever faced.
Goldentooth is a legendary slayer of men. If he comes here, many of us will die.
We must spend our precious time finding refuge for those who cannot fight.
The gods have little influence over the actions of our enemies. Perhaps Ernalda could help us, a little.
We brought this on ourselves, somehow.
The gods have little influence over the actions of our enemies.