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Part 365: Aftermath

To arms!

Well, they bypassed our tula. Our plan was a success!

Okay okay, we actually decided to trap the shit out of our tula. Although now I wonder if I could have gotten rid of another Barntarite the other way(while sending FAR fewer people with him, obviously).

We lost one weaponthane and one other person to this. They didn't even loot anything! Pfft, what were we so worried about? Although judging by where they headed after both this and the fake choice, they seem to really have it out for the Undaroli.

For the record, the fortification they destroyed was the Watch Tower. At this point I'm pretty sure the best reason to build it is not to see incoming raids, but to make sure enemies destroy it instead of something more expensive.

In other news, "OUR HUSBANDS ARE ALL DEAD WAAAAAAH. Oh, you have new ones? Okay, we're fine now."

I get to rearrange the ring again, and now is a good time to review our ringmember's stats!

Penterest is good at warleading and a bit of magic, but that's it.

Oranda is decent at being the backup warperson.

Tarkala's really only here for cow advice and to give us strange folk sayings.

Enerin is best at magic in the clan, and is also good enough at bargaining to give us prices for the "throw goods at people until they're happy" & "buy the services of shamans or mercenaries" events.

Vandarl is our oddly boring trickster, who is coincidentally best in the clan at plants and third best at custom. He really needs to start giving away our funny-looking cows or something.

Loricon is the clan ubermensch & undead hater. I'm pretty sure the only thing holding the goonmind back from demanding we make him king is the fact that he's not allowed to hold that position thanks to his religious affiliation. He also seems to have a very narrow definition of "unnecessary bloodshed."

As for the only new noble:

This guy may be a Chalana Arroy worshipper, but he's no Loricon.

With nobody better to put on the ring, I put another Barntarite on. All of the non-Barntarites are worshipping a god already on the ring. This one is marginally better than Tarkala at animals, so at least we'll get a slight boost to our herds while he's here.

I suppose I should deal with that huge pile of injured people so they can start contributing again.

Horray. Now get back to work!

Your traders go to visit the clan attacked by Jaldon Goldentooth, and find devastation there. The Undaroli clan has seen one in five of its warriors slain, and many others wounded. Its fortifications have been severely damaged. The raiders drove off many herds of animals and looted the steads.

-Demand tribute from them.
-Give them food.
-Give them trade goods.
-Lend them services of your weaponthanes.
-Send carls to help rebuild their fortifications.
-Do nothing.

We can afford to send a few weaponthanes.
We can afford to give generously. (Of food, he means. Not that we're really short on anything but weaponthanes at the moment.)
They will love us if we help them, and hate us if we demand tribute.
If we send carls, our fields will fill with weeds.
If we ask for too much tribute, they will decide to go down fighting. Ask for seventy-four cows.
Allow me to entertain them with my japes and fragrant mudpies.
If we send carls, our fields will fill with weeds. But that is nothing compared to the losses the Undaroli have suffered.