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Part 366: Derik Returns 1

advokat posted:

Haifisch, why do you complain about Barntarites when you have so many Issarites? This is insane.
The Issarites are useful for trading and diplomacy missions. The Barntarites are not. Barntarites are quite possibly the least interesting nobles, since their god doesn't trigger any special responses, their preferred stats are hard to raise since the heroquests that do the best job of it are off-limits to men, said stats are ones you usually only need on one ringmember instead of being something potentially useful on any given ringmember, and you normally have more interesting gods to put on the ring instead. The only way Barntar worshippers are interesting is if they're like Fedarkos from the last LP and have a hilarious personality trait of some sort.

Food bombing complete.

Time to rebuild the fortification destruction magnet.

And despite Vandarl's complaints, we must have more weaponthanes!

Just in time for these ones to come back, too.

A figure from your clan's past returns triumphantly. Derik, who left your clan so long ago, when his family was slain by sable nomads from Prax, has now gathered a band of nomad warriors. He is now called Derik Furman after all the hides of his slain enemies he and his followers have taken as trophies. He wants to fight Jaldon Goldentooth, the deadly hero of the Praxians, and he seeks your help in doing so. "It will be a legendary battle," he says. "One that I will win. When I do, if you have helped me, your clan magic will be strengthened."

-Give him wealth.
-"It is not our fight."
-Lend him warriors.
-Sacrifice so that the gods may aid him.
-"We have suffered already from fighting Jaldon."
-Give him a treasure.

Jaldon is a legendary enemy. I think Derik has legend in him too, and could beat Jaldon. But when heroes clash, ordinary folk die.
Derik will need the aid of the gods to battle a foe so great as Jaldon Goldentooth.
We must sacrifice to the gods.
Jaldon is immortal, but that doesn't mean he can't be killed. He's been killed several times. The problem is that he never stays killed.
If we give him wealth, he can hire mercenaries to help him fight.
I have nothing to add.
We are not legally obligated to help him.