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Part 368: Derik Injured 1

There are currently 8 votes to send someone on Ernalda's quest, and 9 to send someone on Uralda's meatgrinder. Fortunately, we have a bit of time before we have to commit to either(I plan on doing whichever one we pick in Earth), so continue on with the heroquest voting after this update.

With no Lhankor Mhy devotee on the ring, we've lost a potential point in diplomacy. Not that it matters this year, because we're on a tight magic budget.

At this point I'm giving up on trying to kill Barntarites by exploration, and just resigning myself to sending them on ordinary exploration missions instead. They don't seem to die either way, so I might as well have the missions not be interrupted by bandits.

Tracking is still active. I have never sacrificed for it. I'm going to assume one of our treasures is causing this, although I'm not sure if it's the First Arrow(because of the Odayla connection) or the Tiger's Eye Necklace(because it helps us find things).

Let's take advantage of that omen by getting more treasure!

Ooo, it's been ages since we've seen these guys.

It's been a while, but I've learned from experience that immediate action is the only correct action here.

Maybe now the Horse-Spawn will remember why they stopped raiding us.

Our sheep herds have dipped below 2000. They are officialy shrinking. I'll wait as long as possible to downsize a temple or dismantle a shrine, since we might as well get their benefits as long as possible, but I don't want to let this downward spiral continue.

A new noble has appeared! He's an Elmali who continues Jorator's fine tradition of not being good at anything but leadership.

It's been a while since we explored our tula, so let's do that.

Near death, the hero Derik Furman is borne into your clan hall. "He slew Jaldon Goldentooth, the great Praxian personification of death, and buried him beneath a cairn of skulls. But the blows Jaldon dealt to him took their toll soon after he did so, and Derik has not regained consciousness since."

-Send for Chalana Arroy priestesses to heal Derik.
-Tell Derik's followers to take him elsewhere.
-Tend to Derik as he recovers.
-Tend to Derik; allow his followers to stay here as he recovers.
-Try to magically heal Derik.

If we raid someone while Derik recovers, his thirty worthy companions will help us fight.
The carls are afraid that Derik's companions will misbehave, but I think it is just harmless grumbling.
It is a good thing Jaldon was not a woman, or Derik would not have beaten him.
Let us make no more war.
Throughout Dragon Pass, Chalana Arroy priestesses will be busy tending to those wounded by Jaldon's raids. Still, we can convince one to come heal the one who slew death's champion.
We should have done more when he asked us for help.
Our magic is strong. We should try to heal him ourselves.