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Part 37: Clan Creation - Part 6

We've gone with a Balanced clan. I was actually expecting more than two votes for Peace(since you guys have been trying super-hard to be different from the last LP), but I guess we just can't bring ourselves to be hippies.

Finally, the sun rose again. While the rest of society worked to find food, or just otherwise survive, the First Priests worked to re-establish links with the ancient deities. Thanks to this new harmony between people and deities, the world was slowly improved. Once the awakening process had begun, it got easier and went quicker as the gods helped wake each other up.

Who was the first deity which our clan helped to awaken?

-None. Our ancestors were good enough.

None we retained worship of our Living Deity :

-Ernalda, the Mother Goddess
-Orlanth, the Father
-Issaries, the Talking God
-Lhankor Mhy, the Knowing God
-Chalana Arroy, the Healing Goddess
-Uralda, the Cow Mother

Our ancestors provide some bonuses here, just like selecting a god does. We're already familiar with Elmal as the god of sun, horses, defense, and shiny armor. Urox is the Storm Bull, god of smashing Chaos(and anything that happens to be between him and Chaos). Odayla is the god of the hunt. The other gods have their descriptions provided by the game.