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Part 370: Brother Trouble 1

Our clan has been through many struggles, and made many bad decisions. We once committed human sacrifice to power a magical nuke from the goddess of natural disasters. But on this day, we decided that nah, we really don't need more stuff. The Stormriders have truly matured from a ragtag band of idiots to a band of idiots who can occasionally be dignified.

And the other clans attempt to steal our glory, but all know who the real heroes are.

A treasure that keeps warriors happy. That is honest-to-god the most useless treasure I've seen in this entire game, and that's including the one that lets us successfully sacrifice a single cow/good to Ernalda for a blessing once per year.

But we have wealth coming out our ears, so I try to buy it anyway using our normal offer.

Damned mad chieftains.

Is there actually anything left on the tula? I don't know, and I'm not sacrificing to find out until we have nothing better to do.

Now let's kill some Blue Jays!

Penterest may not get as much love as Harvar did, but he's still a formidable fighter.

Whatever bizarre RNG factor that made us lose so much seems to be gone, for now.

This event again! We don't need the cows as much as we did last time, and the unwilling bachelor's reasoning is different, but I will repeat the actions of our goon ancestors anyway.

Turns out that it's easier to get over age differences than it is when the guy's in love with another already. This also got us another ally, although it's a clan we don't care about.

Now to continue Operation Blue Jay Smash.

Or...not. Perhaps overconfidence is the true root of our losses.

Another new noble has appeared:

I swear all these Issarites are punishment for me complaining about our lack of them years ago. Either that or they started wandering over here once they heard that we actually have wealth now.

But now it is heroquest time, and Oranda gets to feed the tribe so that she may become strong enough for cowquesting.

Oranda's Animals, Leadership, and Plants have all gone up a rank. Horray!

With the coming of Dark Season, I decide to see where we can downsize things so that our sheep herds can recover. Tarad Riel's Watchfulness blessing is nice and all, but we have a decent ring of allies around us to warn of incoming raids, and our patrols are large enough that they catch just about everything else. More importantly, every other temple or shrine we have is providing blessings much more vital to our economy and war efforts. Saving 5 sheep a year isn't much, but it's a start.

At the Anmangarn market, your traders are alarmed to see members of your clan bullying Anmangarn traders. This ruined any chance of making good deals; once word of the incident gets around, they figure it will hurt your trading relations around the area. The offenders were the brothers Varmand, Derik, and Kestald, who are notorious for their hard-headedness and hostile behavior.

-Confiscate goods from the brothers as punishment.
-Do nothing.
-Outlaw the brothers.
-Scold the brothers.
-Threaten the brothers with outlawry if they do not behave.

Like most bullies, they are not as good at fighting as they would have you believe. (He supports confiscating goods or scolding the brothers)
They are good fighters, but not great ones.
They have brought us one step closer to a feud with the Anmangarni. (She is pro-confiscation)
Their actions lead us closer to war. (She supports a scolding)
A confiscation will get their attention. (Finally! Someone whose advice is pointing towards an obvious option!)
They have a fine tapestry they looted from the Praxians. We should take that.
People have been outlawed for lesser offenses.