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Part 371: Brother Trouble 2

We got 5 goods, which is a lot to them. To us, 5 goods is a trifling amount. Truly a fitting punishment.

While I was looking at other temples to downsize, I noticed that Ernalda's shrine actually uses pigs instead of sheep. There goes my "downgrade it and get rid of Preserve because we have ridiculous amounts of food anyway" plan.

Loricon, you can stop pretending you're a healer now. It's okay. Also, I downsize Chalana's shrine because although keeping the number of sick & wounded down is nice, we have enough wealth and free actions that it's just as easy to sacrifice instead.

Tarkala, what the hell does your pithy quote have to do with anything.

All the clans with tribal kings in them are friendly to us now(in fact, we're allied with two of them: the Wolves and the Eagles!), except these guys. Let's fix that.

Time to make some more deaths. (Hopefully mostly of Blue Jays)

Oh look, these guys pissed off Orlanth. How convenient for us.

I have Bastakos take insane risks in the hope that he either supercharges our victory or gets out of our hair. He manages to do the latter, while the former incidentally happens anyway.


God, I hope the endgame starts soon.

If you want us to pursue any particular goals other than the usual exploration/diplomacy/Blue Jay raid/treasure shopping shuffle, post them now.