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Part 372: Vostang Trouble 1

I hate to interrupt this fascinating page of Glorlanthan lore(especially since it'll promptly be broken up by a page of voting for the event this update), but an update has come!

Damn, we have a lot of spare magic.

Okay, I was not expecting the Vostangi breaking a tribal peace agreement by raiding us in Sea season to be the first thing that happened this update.

Oranda is forcing me to change my opinion on the usefulness(and coolness) of Odaylans.

That's not a very impressive death toll, but we won without a scratch on us, so whatever.

Your weaponthanes come to discuss the recent raid against you by the Vostangi. "They belong to the Culrea tribe, which we are supposed to be at peace with. Yet they raid us as if we were their enemies! Something must be done!"

-Break the alliance.
-Demand compensation from the Culbrea.
-Demand that the Culbrea join in on a war against a third tribe.
-Ignore the breach of the peace.
-Make war on the Culbrea.

If we wage war with another tribe at our side, we are more likely to win than if we make war on the Culbrea.
We must find a peaceful way out of this, and go home and tend to our fields.
We should seek compensation.
"Never look up in battle, lest the magicians enchant you, and turn you suddenly into a hog."
A war could gain us good loot. But of course the risks are higher than for a legal claim.
Any cows they offer us will have the mange.
They have violated the peace agreement we made with them. But among our people, peace agreements do not last long. (Despite what it sounds like, he's advocating compensation)