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Part 374: Trickery

Now I'll actually have to decide who to raid each Fire season. However will I manage? Probably by raiding Vostangi one turn, Blue Jays the next.

I decide to cash in a favor for information, since that will hopefully let us get the full secrets of a myth we don't know them for. This also gets to double as an excuse to get rid of part of our pile of horses.

The Vostangi will regret breaking the peace, oh yes.

This is the one area(other than clans digging for info on other leaders) where paying attention to the "this clan has a new chief, who is known for X and Y" is useful. Harnkorl is probably not a particularly pious chief.

What the hell is a hollri and why am I even trying to understand what Tarkala is talking about?

Anyway, I heal everyone because this is clearly not building up to the priestesses asking for ALL OF OUR WEALTH when they cash in all the favors they've accumulated.

In other news, the clan screen has devolved into a battle of the sexes.

Holy shit! A new noble who doesn't worship Barntar or Issaries! Praise Arengee! (Too bad Orlkarnth's skills suck)

But it's Fire season now, and you know what that means!

The Vostangi will definitely regret breaking the peace once they're all dead.

No nerf weapons on our side this time.

The Vostangi are idiots, but we know that already.

Now to deal with target number two.

Renowned leadership my ass.

But we won anyway, so the real loser here is Penterest.

The men of the Rakstanti clan arrive at the boundaries of your tula, pulling a cart loaded down with grain. They seem unhappy. When asked what is happening, they explain that they are paying off a bet. "Your clan-mate, Vandarl, was gambling with our chieftain. All night long he lost. He lost at every game he played, and went further and further into debt. Then on the last game of dice, he won everything back and more. We suspect he used trickster magic, but will pay our debt, because we are an honorable clan."

-Allow them to keep the grain.
-Give them a reciprocal gift.
-Give them hospitality.
-Graciously accept Vandarl's winnings.
-Tell them that Vandarl is a trickster.

(is missing out on all the fun by being injured)
That's enough grain to feed a hundred people for a year!
With that much grain coming in, we can afford to give a reciprocal gift.
Maybe we can give them a reciprocal gift.
They are our friends, and we must take care not to offend them.
Let me tell them I am a trickster, so they will know how I hoodwinked them!
Refusing to accept their grain would dishonor them. Giving a reciprocal gift would not.