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Part 375: Everything Else

Here, have the trinkets that slid off our mountain of goods & go away.

Jesus christ, I can't get rid of the horses faster than we get them. On the bright side, the Brown Boars are known for their ancient texts, so surely they'll be riper pickings for mythical knowledge.

Ashart's caravan also gives me an opportunity to hire more weaponthanes.

Ashart, any stickpicker can see that the Blue Jays and/or Vostangi hate us most. (Unrelated: Holy shit we have a lot of food)

On one hand, we have a bunch of magic, On the other hand, we also have a bunch of cows & goods, and we want to save our magic for future questing purposes. Maybe we could give them Loricon, since he's all boring and Lawspeaker-y now.

The weaponthanes are in no position to complain, since we have huge piles of goods that just keep growing every year.

I hope we don't get that Odayla omen again, because we've just learned his last mystery. Friend of Yinkin reduces food spoilage, which would be useful if we wanted all of the food in the entire pass. After this, I do a divination.

There is indeed stuff left on our tula. We're just chronically unable to find it.

Then the Spirit Fetch saleshamans stop by. Horray!

Ashart might as well get something useful done this year.

Then I send Koreng out to set up another trade route, because we have tons of goods, but could always use more.

How fucking many of these "certain clan members" treasures are there? What the hell do they even do? Who do they effect? Why are we buying so many of them?

But we get it for our usual offer of 60 goods, because eh, why not.

Damn them. But we cannot strike back right away, because it's Sacred Time!

How is it that we get so many babies every year but never that many new adults?

The endgame can kick in any day now.

What are our goals for this year, other than the usual stuff?