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Part 377: Uralda's Blessing 1

Vaga42Bond posted:

Didn't we DO this event already?
If we did, I couldn't find what update it was in. That's one problem with playing such a long game - eventually there's a point where it's unclear if an event seems familiar because this LP encountered it already, or if it's familiar because I've seen it in other playthroughs of KODP.

Hogge Wild posted:

By the way Haifisch, how many hours per average day you spend playing this silly game for our enjoyment?
It depends on how much of an update machine I am that day & how long each update runs before I encounter a vote-worthy event, but typically the gameplay+image editing+commentary doesn't take more than half an hour for each update.

The stink of adultery is a stink that attracts chaos, so our next course of action is clear.

I call on one of our favors to gain magic; we need all the luck we can get for cowquesting.

Eventually these guys will starve enough that they won't be able to fight back. I hope.

This regained one of the two points of magic spent on a divination.

Asking for the customary amount nets us three more points of magic.

Now let's deal with that omen.

We lost, but at least we avoided whatever fate would have befallen us if someone had raided us first. We also hurt the Blue Jays a lot more than they hurt us.

Round 2!

You don't see the "full of the power of their deity"->"fight bravely" sequence go wrong often, but apparently it can.

We still won, and got lots of Blue Jay blood to water our crops.

We get this event again, but more importantly...

...Penterest is a terrible king who can't remember who's in our tribe. For shame. (And no, Loricon doesn't have any amusing sayings for this.)

Last time we did this in exchange for an alliance, but that's not an option this time. I do the ritual and ask nothing in return since the Kardarvi don't like us much & we don't really need the cows. We could have saved our magic by refusing the ritual, but that would involve pissing off the ducks, and that's a Bad Thing.

The Vostangi are much easier to pummel than the Blue Jays. I keep the captives as thralls.

This returned all the magic we spent on that Humakt ritual. I love Spirit Fetches.

And with the coming of Earth season, it's time. Time for Oranda to roleplay a cow. She's actually the noble the game suggested for the role, too. We'll be doing this quest to gain powers of persuasion over bullheaded people.

Oranda goes back to an ancient time, a time before Umath, before Yelm, and long before Orlanth. Everything is good. There is good pasture land, and Oranda's four-legged people eat well. But not everyone is well-fed. Two-legged people come and beg Oranda's bulls for help. "We have found this thing called hunger, and would like your bulls to chase it away," they say.

-Encourage the bulls to chase the two-legs away.
-Encourage the bulls to help the two-legs.
-Find a high place and watch the two-legs when they leave.
-Let the bulls chase the two-legs away.
-Promise the two-legs that you will help them later.
-Prepare to be attacked by biting things.
-Sacrifice cows, to lend Oranda strength.

The legends may be useful here.