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Part 38: Clan Creation - Part 7

We have chosen to stick with Urox throughout the Darkness and the Awakening. We'll start with a small shrine to him(granting us one of his blessings and making it a bit more likely we'll get nobles who are Urox worshippers) when we start the game.

Things have been different since the Dawn, thirteen hundred years ago. Orlanth and the other gods retreated from the world, leaving it to mortals. We can still contact the gods through ritual and sacrifice, or enter their realm by re-enacting the great stories about their deeds, which contain great magic. But they no longer walk beside us. When we settled in a new place we marked this great change in the world by naming our land, not after a god, but after a mortal like ourselves. We named it Heortland, in honor of the king who taught us how to survive during the Darkness.

About six hundred years ago, a dragon approached us, in either its own form or that of a human with a dragon's soul inside it. The dragons had always been hostile, or at the very best, utterly uncaring. Orlanth has always been the dragon-slayer. After an appropriate debate, we had to choose whether to believe the dragon, to cooperate and learn what dragons know, or to refuse the dragon and maintain neutrality, or to actively oppose the dragon's plans.

What was our attitude towards the dragons?

Hostile - We fought against them.
Negative - We would never believe a dragon.
Neutral - We didn't go along.
Positive - We joined into their dragon knowledge.