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Part 383: Blood Sisters

Oranda is officially the worst cowquester (who wasn't killed by it).

I wonder if these options would work better if Oranda had done less well against the biting things? I wouldn't put it past the game to see how low your noble's HP got during that segment, and used that as a factor in how easily convinced the bulls are.

And this is the only remaining option. Even if your noble doesn't die, CowLARP hates your very soul and refuses to let you by easily.

Maybe next time the god-talkers should coach her on how to convince bulls of things.

I'm showing the entire screen here to point out that 1)KODP really likes to make you bust out a dictionary sometimes, 2)Oranda is wounded from the quest, and 3)The quest failure lost us 12 points of magic, which was enough to put us solidely into the negatives!

Then some shamans showed up offering to curse the Blue Jays, so I buy a sword-arm-withering for a mere 15 goods.

With the coming of Dark season, I expand our pasturelands again so that our herds don't get overcrowded. We still have entirely too many horses.

This recovered 2 points of magic, so we're now at -2. Not much of an improvement, but I'll take it.

A young warrior woman of your clan, Brenna, comes to the clan hall with a warrior woman of the Blue Jay clan, which you are feuding with. The other young woman's name is Garneneva. Brenna delcares that she and Garneneva have undergone a ritual and declared themselves blood sisters. They will fight to defend one another, to the death if necesssary. They say that we should follow their example, and end our foolish and destructive feud with the Blue Jays.

-Make peace with the Blue Jay clan.
-Outlaw Brenna.
-Respect their sisterhood, but refuse to seek peace.
-Tell Brenna you will think about what she has said.
-"The ritual of sisterhood has no legal merit."

We are stronger than our foe, so we can demand reparations if we sue for peace.
Bad King Urgrain declared that Doruskul was his brother, but when Doruskul won more glory at the battle of Kanda Fant, he threw Doruskul into a ravine. (That translates to "make peace, or respect the sisterhood but refuse to make peace")
(I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky that Oranda was merely injured and humiliated by CowLARP, instead of being killed by it. Also she can't give advice because of the injury.)
Brenna has always been headstrong, contrary, and passionate. (Same recommendations as Kentvent)
If we put her off, her dedication to her new sister will soon cool.
The ritual is sealed in blood; we are obligated to honor it.
This ritual of sisterhood contravenes our rights; she is a troublemaker, and we should outlaw her.