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Part 384: God Tongue

Since someone asked about it, here are Oranda's stats. They didn't go down at all, so no worries there.

The peak of our food this year was four years worth of food, so I think a feast is in order.

After that, I go send Ashart on a trading mission, and I decide to send him to the Taraling cl-


Oh, sorry, where was I again?

Try to trade stuff with him! He'll be too distracted to fight! Sadly, that is not an option. Mostly because Oranda already struck him down, but still.

That works too.

At this point I'm halfway tempted to stop giving away horses just to see how many we have by the end of the game.

Let's see what's in the Quivin Mountains. We haven't been there in ages!

A treasure that has a non-vague effect? And it's apparently Issaries' actual tongue? I agree with Ashart: We must buy it.

Nothing strange about their new chief. Nothing at all. He has a nice sword collection, though.

109 Horses: The lesser-known knockoff of 101 Dalmatians. Also, apparently we initiate so few adults in most years because we're saving them for giant batches on years like this.

Silly Kentvent, there's always battle.

What are our goals for the year, other than the usual stuff?