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Part 385: Funny-Looking Calf

Who's going to be abusing the Raven Banner this year, at goon request? Us, that's who!

Now let's cash in on another favor.

Whatever's left on our tula continues to elude us.

We get no magic, and get 5 goods instead. Bah. Before someone accuses me of being bad at math, we had 500 goods on the turn I sent whatshisface exploring our tula.

Oh hey, the elves decided to attack us of their own accord! Horray!

That's another point of magic in the bank.

After that, I decide to raid the Vostangi, and...

What? This makes no sense whatsoever. I can prove it with maps. Oh well, let's just pay the man.

It's good to be rich.


Here's what I was talking about. As you can see, the Vostangi have direct borders with us, which makes it baffling that A)they're no longer considered a nearby clan by the game, and b)we have to cross the Woodpecker tula to attack them.

I try to spare us from further injuries by doing a simple cattle raid, but that goes south quickly.

Someday one of these guys will accept max tribute. Someday.

Not quite who I expected to raid us, but whatever. And before someone whines about me not killing them all, bear in mind that we're trying to avoid pissing off most of the clans in the pass.

Although in this case, maybe they would have deserved it. Look at that casualty toll!

Your carls get a rude shock while helping a cow give birth; the calf has two heads! The people are very frightened. The attending priestess of Uralda immediately destroys the deformed creature.

-Do nothing.
-Sacrifice to Uralda for protection from deformed cattle.
-Sacrifice to Urox for protection from chaos.
-Send for shamans to scare away bad spirits.
-Send for Uroxi warriors to scour your lands of chaos.

We must show that we are willing to spend any amount to protect the people from chaos. (That means "do SOMETHING", but not limited to the directly chaos-related options)
I don't think this is really any big problem. (Aside from doing nothing, he's also suggesting a sacrifice to Uralda because why not)
Can't the rest of you handle these barn stall tragedies.
Sacrifice to Uralda.
We can hire someone to help us.
It's not like it's a three-headed cow. Now that would be cause for concern.
These evil spirits might next cause disease in our children.