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Part 386: Wolfmen

This also used up 2 magic. Perhaps someday, goons advocating magic savings plans will remember that event sacrifices eat magic.

With 1 weaponthane sick and 12 wounded, the game counts us as only having 6 for recruitment purposes. We now have a shitload of weaponthanes. Incidentally, whoever was worried about the weaponthane mood shouldn't be - it's been ages since I've seen their mood below "unshakeable", and they're still that happy now. Weaponthanes are ridiculously easy to keep happy.

And then the Spirit Fetch returns the magic spent on sacrifice. That was our last one, so we're out of magical bailouts.

Expendable guy, go be expendable.

The legal cases brought before your king would be more interesting if there was a wider variety of them. Oh well, let's see what's up here.

No shit, Loricon.

Same stuff as the last time this exact case came our way, so let's get on with it.

Dark season comes, and I get rid of that unslightly pile of mangled people.

Dammit Verlain, you're not supposed to be the one who comes back alive!

Oh well. Party time!

This event again! And Loricon is back to form.

I try doing what we did last time, but unsurprisingly, the Blue Jays aren't keen on listening to us. What now, folks?

-Decline; make peace with the werewolves.
-"We'll go, but you'll owe us (another) favor"

The warriors are spoiling for a fight.
If we accept his invitation, it will improve our relations with the Blue Jay clan.
The Telmori are notorious for stealing livestock. They are a threat to our way of life.
The Telmori are a cursed and savage people, who turn into wolves one day a week, whether they want to or not. They live like nomads and steal cattle and sheep from honest herdsmen.
I know of this Kenstrel. He has ambitions to rule.
Tell him what he least expects to hear.
The Telmori are but a distraction from our real foe - zombies!