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Part 388: Feathered Horse Queen 2

I am terrible at deciding things, so I'm going to be a good queen and definitely not a lazy one by letting the people vote, with my own votes acting as a tiebreaker if there is one. Vote for up to three entries you like most. Voting will stop at 11:59PM CST on Tuesday 12/4.

And now back to your regularly scheduled update!

The warriors can put a sock in it.

Oh, hello, fuckers.

Penterest, you are not going to die right as the endgame triggers.

Benefit-cost analysis: Worth it. I don't even know who our replacement chief would be if Penterest bit it, and it'd be a huge pain to wait at least two election cycles(it's highly unlikely we'd be able to be kings twice in a row) to get back into the king's game.

Ahahaha, that's all they could steal from us?

Still, there was a toll on us, so let's hire more weaponthanes to make up for it. I'm not going a year without spending in war magic again, because saving those two points of magic has not been worth it.

On one hand, I haven't seen a single Vingan the entire game, and we only have one Orlanthi around right now. On the other hand, treasure that could be used for various things that will accept a useless treasure.

58 goods gets us another treasure for the pile. I swear their chief was laughing at us as we left.

All those years of too many babies are starting to pay off, it seems.

Nothing but good omens for us! Although I'm starting to get worried about the year; I don't remember exactly when the game cuts you off with a "you took too long. You lose.", but it's coming up in another decade or two. (and the endgame can take quite a while to finish completely)

What are our goals for this year?