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Part 389: Proverb Rage

We will usher in this bright new decade of our clan by heroquesting up Penterest's stats and killing him. People wanted to see him on either The Making of the Storm Tribe or whatever quest I thought best, and it just so happens that The Making of the Storm Tribe boosts the stats(combat and leadership, and to a lesser extent, magic and custom) that would make the most sense for him right now.

I have no idea who she was, but at least her grandchildren did.

I checked and we have no new nobles, so here are some fun facts about the ring:
Vandarl is best at plants, beating out Oranda, Kentvent, & Loricon.
Vandarl is second best at custom, beaten only by Loricon. Good thing we boosted up Loricon's custom!

Now let's butter up the king of another tribe.

And then we get the best event ever. (except for one thing you'll notice in the next screenshot)

During Death Week, a grim delegation appears in your clan hall; these are the spirits of your illustrious ancestors. They have a complaint to make. "Whenever the clan ring deliberates, there is a part of us that hears what you say. We hear you tally up how many cows you have, what your relations are with your neighbors, and whether you are stronger than various clans you might feud with. That is all well and good. But what we can no longer stand to hear are the foolish proverbs Tarkala continually resorts to when she has nothing else to say! 'Fish cannot swim in a frozen river!' "I-forget is the name of the heron who hovers over the feast!' 'It is always better to be alive, for the dead keep no cows!' What are these supposed to mean? If we hear one more stupid proverb, we'll go crazy!"

-Have Tarkala explain the meaning of her various proverbs to them.
-Order Tarkala to apologize.
-Remove Tarkala from clan ring.
-Sacrifice to them.
-Scold your ancestors for frightening the people for no good reason.
-Do nothing.

Every time they come back, they drain more of our clan magic. If we do not please them, they could curse us with ill-fortune.
Bad King Urgrain offended the spirits of his ancestors, who then killed his cattle and ridiculed him at the moot.
We can afford to sacrifice to them.
If troublesome ghosts ride the rafters aloft, I can convince them to wander elsewhere. (Of course she's all for explaining her proverbs to the ancestors. Presumably by using more proverbs.)
Every five cows worth of goods we give them increases the chances of our pleasing them.
Oh, this should be good! (Vandarl wants proverbs explained to the ancestors, or the ancestors scolded. Bless his heart.)
They are our ancestors. They should not be frightening the people.