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Part 390: Marriage Stuff

Laradus posted:

At first, I honestly thought this was made up by goons like some of the fake Arengee events posted earlier.

This is why I love Dragon Pass.
I've never seen this event before now, either. It's everything I imagined and more. I didn't expect it to tank our magic, but it's fitting for our clan that this happened in a heroquest year.

Did she explain the one about why we should save half our parsley for the winter when Chalana Arroy priestess come around? Because that one still confuses me.

Having negative magic in a heroquest year is Very Bad, so I have Koreng go beg for some more.

Fire season arrives, and I hire more weaponthanes to make up for the ones guarding our emissary.

Zero magic is better than negative magic, at least.

Ugh, fuck off.

Oranda may be useless, but we won!

Janstan, a tall young warrior of the Orlevings, wishes to marry Brenna, daughter of the chief. He has come with Grivton, the Orleving lawspeaker, to help plead his case.

-Approve the marriage.
-"He must first prove himself worthy."
-Let Brenna decide.
-Refuse the marriage.
-"Brenna's rank requires an additional marriage-gift of 20 cows."

We might be able to forge an alliance. I would be proud to have my daughter's marriage provide the spark.
The marriage of a chieftain's daughter has great political consequences.
We can afford to send Brenna into wedded life with a generous dowry.
Although it is irregular, I can convince the bearded wordsmith to cough up additional bride gifts for a girl so fair as Brenna.
It's Brenna who'll have to spend her life with this callow fop. Let her decide.
The Orlevings won't blame us if he can't prove himself worthy in a fair contest.