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Part 392: Murder

Here are his new stats! You can see that Combat has gone up to Heroic, Leadership presumably had a boost but not enough to bump it up a rank, and Magic has gone up to Excellent.

I do a divination to see what curses float above our heads, but our ancestors don't give a clear answer. (I was hoping for the response where they complain that your proverb-spewing ring member is the curse, but alas)

Warriors from the Blue Jay clan have snuck onto your tula and killed one of your carls, Jorator. They identified themselves as Brandgor and Inganna, and let Jorator's son go so that we would know they did this to avenge their cousin Borngold, who had been killed in a raid by Jorator's brother, Harran.

-Bide your time.
-Demand wergild for Jorator.
-Insist that the Blue Jays outlaw the killers.
-Launch a raid against the Blue Jays.
-Send weaponthanes to kill Brandgor and Inganna.
-Send weaponthanes to kill one of their relatives.

(still injured.)
A raid in harvest season is folly, yet the carls look to us to do something.
The easiest way to avenge Jorator would be to strike at the kinsmen of Brandgor and Inganna. But we are stronger than the Blue Jays, if it comes to a raid.
We cannot let Jorator go unavenged.
Neither killing nor blood-price will bring back Jorator, but we should accept the latter to avoid making things worse.
Orlanth established the first wergilds. But he himself often chose vengeance instead.
We have good grounds for a legal case, but we'd be unlikely to prevail if we pressed for outlawry.

Also, bonus question! Now that Penterest has received a power boost from our ancestors, do we still want him to heroquest? His higher stats(especially Magic) make him more likely to succeed at one, but there's also the risk that he might not come out alive.

-Yes, and stick with Making of the Storm Tribe so that we can focus on getting his Leadership up.
-Yes, but do a different quest instead so that he has a wider variety of helpful stats. (Specify which one, or I'm going to pick the new one myself)
-No. Let us do some other quest with a different noble. (Specify a quest again, or I'm going to assume you want us to CowLARP.)