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Part 393: Penterestquesting

Jenx posted:

Elmalandti + Hot Warriors coming right up!

This is now the canonical image of how Elmalandti's afterlife is going. No arguments allowed.

Ashart gets to see if he can convince our enemies to honor the law, and I ask for the usual amount since there's no sense in pushing things.

It works, so no Earth season raids for us.

Now to get some magic for our heroquest, which is staying Penterest Makes The Storm Tribe.

That should be enough to prevent horrible failure.

This fucking event again? When will you people learn that women hitting their husbands with big branches isn't the ring's business?

I think that's my favorite "and this is what the men did" ending to this event.

Our population's starting to get a bit low, so I correct that.

We have a new noble, and I'm starting to wonder why we can't seem to initiate anyone who's not a devotee of Barntar or Issaries.

Now it's time to boost Penterest!

This is honestly a pretty easy quest, so I'm not sure why a few people were worried about it.

The ring was actually complaining that we had too few children, so maybe this will make them happier.

I think this is the first time I've seen a "No babies were born!" on this screen. That omen didn't mess around.

This year's omens, and Penterest's new stats. His leadership is now Heroic!

What are our goals for this year?