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Part 394: Odaylaquest

Onward with the year!

And with Oranda providing us some old news.

It's been a while since we've explored Kero Fin, so I fix that.

Next, let's see about getting us some more trade routes. You can never have too many goods!

Hey, this event again! I do what we should have done last time and ask for compensation.

That's 10 goods for free. Uroxi really don't give a shit about wealth.

There's some good news, at least.

The Vostangi raid us and win, but at this point I honestly find it hard to care about the few horses and goods they take. I'm more annoyed at all the people they kill.

Revenge is easy enough, anyway.

I love how most of Oranda's events end with her being a hunter of man. It's apparently hard to fuck that up, since she's so successful at it.

We're seriously getting way too damned many horses.

Devotees of Odayla, the hunting god, seek your aid. "Game has been getting scarce as of late, and we blame it on the depredations of Gagarth, god of the Wild Hunt, the left-blowing wind, who delights in fighting others of the storm tribe. Tanerva, the greatest among us, wishes to enter the realm of the gods to bring back the game that Gagarth has scared away. Our cult is small, and we need the support of others if Tanerva is to succeed."

-Lend them a treasure. (Specify which one)
-Offer them a share of your clan magic.
-Refuse them.
-Sacrifice to Odayla on their behalf.
-Send worshippers to the ceremony.

Most of the Odayla worshippers in Dragon Pass are of the Wildcat clan, who are our friends. They will understand if we do not involve ourselves in this dangerous enterprise.
There are many ways to help them; we should do so.
Tanerva and the Wildcats must succeed, or we will all pay the price. (She's recommending everything but a sacrifice to Odayla)
We can afford a sacrifice.
Even though we risk losing it, should the heroquest go awry, I think we should lend them a treasure.
This matter has no political consequences.
The sagas are full of stories in which a heroquest goes wrong, and the worshippers are harmed. They also tell of successful heroquests, in which the worshippers are richly rewarded.