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Part 395: Voballa

The people want lots of worshippers or max worshippers, so let's split the difference and send:

Each and every one of the 712 worshippers available. (including 10 people from some mysterious source. I added things up later, and we only have 702 grown adults hanging around, including the thralls and nobles! Who are the others? Children? Ghosts? Fuck if I know.) More people means more heroquest success, right? If nothing else, the Odayla cultists will be really fucking impressed at our generosity.

We gained 13 magic from this! Also our hunting will be better, I guess.

Kero Fin or bust! No excuses like "bandits show arrows at us and 7 of us got holes in our torsos" or "wizard bandits shot lightning at us" this time!

Another year, another treasure for our pile.

On a routine visit to a Lhankor Mhy temple, the girl Voballa, adopted from your clan by the Brown Boars, tells a friend of her mother's that she wants to come back to your clan. The girl has turned out simple, and is far from the great hero of the Knowing God the Brown Boars thought they had adopted. Voballa says she is being mistreated and wishes to come home.

-Ask the Brown Boars if they are mistreating her.
-Demand the right to adopt her back again.
-Send gifts to Voballa.
-Take no action.
-Tell the Brown Boars to stop mistreating her.

Our relations with them have been good up to now. We can take the risk of asking how well they have been treating her.
The people will be unhappy if they hear she is being mistreated.
Give her a little something to cheer her up. The people will like that.
"All people are not equal in wisdom, the half-witted are everywhere." (That means "do nothing", because Tarkala is a stone-cold bitch.)
I have a knack for telling lies from truth. Allow me to question them.
Let's not ask questions we don't want to hear the answers to.
If they are mistreating her, they will not admit to it. (That means "do nothing", because Loricon is a stone-cold bastard.)