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Part 396: Iron Plow

Haystack posted:

The reason that the bandits are always kicking your ass is because they automatically get better and better each year, unless you successfully fight them off. You need to occasionally send out a strong exploration party to kill them off. It's like mowing the grass, only bloodier.
So wizard bandits are like crabgrass overgrowing our lawn, then?

Well, we tried.

I'm used to crop magic failing for no apparent reason, but animal magic failing is a new one. Not that either of those matters, since we have over 1200 cattle and 3900 bushels of food. I love that we could go for nearly four years without planting anything and still be okay.

Kero Fin provides a lot of the more fluff-heavy exploration results. However, this gave us 5 magic, as you can see in the next screenshot!

Holy shit, a treasure powered by Barntarites? We must have it.

61 goods wasn't enough, sadly.

The farmers are kind of pissed off. I'm assuming this is because of our failure to do anything for Voballa. Also, the ring continues to complain about our lack of children, but the game is likely to end before that comes to bite us in the ass.

In other words: Fuck it, let's feast!

Aw, apparently the ancestors only complain about your proverb-spewing nobles within a relatively short time of them coming to complain in person. Oh well, at least we're curse-free!

Yinkin people stop by again, and we bribe them with kittens.

The plow is honestly kind of overkill given how much food we have, but I can't wait to have our Barntarite surplus be useful for something. So we must try to buy it again!

Let's see if we can mow the bandit lawn so our explorers stop getting injured.

80 goods was apparently more along the lines of what they wanted to hear.

Guess who has piles of magic, but would rather use the Raven Banner instead?

Okay, I probably could have gotten away with using magic to tip the odds, but I mostly just wanted to kill the fuck out of some Blue Jays.

These messages are harder to take seriously when it's Vandarl announcing them.

We just can't stop getting more horses. We also produced nearly two year's worth of food in one year. If the game gave us a description like it does for other clans, I'm pretty sure ours would be either "known for their fine horses" or "known for the fertility of their fields."

That is way too much magic. Goddamn.

What are our goals for this year?