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Part 398: Moonscars

The Saurus posted:

Imaginative solution cutting out that Barntarites face from the main screen, Haifisch. I'm guessing he turned old during the event. This LP has a ton of character portraits I've never seen before. I'd love to get inside the game so I can look at all the art.
Yeah, nobles get older right after Sacred Time(I could see Kentvent's new portrait when whatshisface told us about Ashart's heroic bargaining), and if an event happens at the same time there's no chance for me to crop their faces from the nobles screen. It looks ugly and jarring, but it's for one update, so who cares?

Now is the time for all these Issarites to shine! Both kings like us about the same amount(both their clans are in the light purple, from what I remember), so it shouldn't matter much who goes to which tribe just as long as our best bargainers go. Incidentally, the nobles shown here are the only ones we're allowed to even consider sending, with the presumable cutoff being their Bargaining skill.

Anyway, Ashart goes to the Malani, and Koreng goes to the Kheldon.

Another useless treasure! Horray! The skull is yet another "use in battle but it might break" treasure. The game specifically describes it as the Head of Markanth, which is "our ancestor's skull, which can terrify foes in battle."

Come one, come all! Our clan wants a lot more people!

Good it ain't, Kentvent. Good it ain't.

The Wildcats are our tribemates, so this was a no-brainer.

Bad news about Penterest - aging has dulled his combat skill back down to Renowned. His other skills remained the same, at least.





Normally, good Orlanthi try to avoid looking at the chaotic red moon that hangs in the northern sky. But one night your holy people notice that great, black scars have appeared on its surface. This means something of great import, surely.

-Do nothing.
-Increase patrols.
-Sacrifice to Urox, foe of Chaos.
-Warn nearby clans of supernatural menace.

This is frightening, but perhaps it gives us a chance to patch up relations with our neighbors. (Penterest is literally the only ringmember who's recommending one of the options, said option being fairly obvious in this case. All the others are useless and don't highlight anything as a suggestion.)
I'm not sure about this.
I feel sick. Don't the rest of you feel sick, too?
There's a proverb about the moon that seems appropriate, but I can't quite remember it.
I hear Urox stomping in the night, asking to be unleashed against the enemy.
What goes up, must come down.

This might be my favorite batch of ring advice as of late.