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Part 40: Clan Creation - Part 9

We've decided to take huge tracts of land. This means that our clan won't be complaining about a lack of space for a very long time, if ever, but it'll also be a bitch to defend our lands. Fortunately, there are ways to migitate that disadvantage, but it's still a pain.

Before the game starts, it gives you one last chance to change your mind on the decisions you've made during clan making. But we won't be doing that, because goons always pick the correct option the first time around.

The difficulty level will be staying at Average. Easy is for pansies, but all Hard does is give us fewer starting resources than Average.

Game length is going to be Long. The short game requires us to form a tribe and remain tribal king for ten years. The long game gives us a lot more story beyond that(and if you're good enough to be king for 10 years, you're definitely good enough to see the game through to the end), so there's no good reason to play the short game.

But most importantly...

The game gives our clan a default name, but who the fuck wants to be known as the Stag Hearth?

What shall we call our clan?

Also, in case you missed this in the image above, our clan's name can only be ten characters long.