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Part 400: Town Planning 1

Voting is done with, and here are the results!

Green Intern 1 Votes
Jenx: 10 Votes
My Dad: 5 Votes
Narsham 1 Vote
Precambrian: 12 Votes
RYXlord: 10 Votes
Sejs Cube: 1 Vote
Sharpest Crayon: 3 Votes
SlothfulCobra: 2 Votes
Soulfucker 3 Votes
Thoughtless 1 Vote
WhitemageofDOOM: 1 Vote
Zagglezig: 2 Vote

The winners are Precambrian, RYXlord, and Jenx! Congratulations! Now go bug Snugglecakes for your in forums upgrades.

Now back to your regularly scheduled update.

Sadly, we don't get to name this town yet.

Holy shit yes yes yes BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT.

Okay, we don't really need the rattle since our clan is doing just fine with its current demographics(and it would have been much more useful to have earlier, since we'd have more time to reap its benefits), but I want it.

I vent my annoyance on the Vostangi.

Oranda rules, even though she's underappreciated by the voting public.

King of Dragon Pass: Epic Fantasy Means Fantasy About Having Way Too Goddamned Many Horses.

I keep the captives as thralls.

Hey, guys we feuded with once upon a time. Fuck off.


The kings of the Malani and Kheldon tribes agree to join with you in building a town. What do you do before building the town?

-Conduct a divination.
-Do nothing.
-Sacrifice to Issaries, god of markets.
-See to it that members of your tribe profit from building efforts.

Although the other kings are trying to squeeze as much profit from this building enterprise as they can, they will blame us if we try to do the same.
I hope this town will not be a tempting target for the Horse-Spawn.
(is injured at a very inconvenient time)
If we let the men run everything, every chance for profit will bleed away in a frenzy of drunken generosity.
Trade is about exchange, not about greed. Let us do something to make this new town last.
This land was once dotted with towns and cities, as a field is speckled with wildflowers. Then the dragons came and ate everyone.
Our magic is strong; an ordinary sacrifice will suffice.